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N/A = Not Applicable --- NA = Info Not available

MakerArgus As10CBrandenburg Sh14A-4Brandenburg SAM322H2Hirth 60R-2Hirth 504A-1Mercedes-Benz
Diesel OF2
Junkers JumoL5G
ArrangementV 90RadialRadialInlineInlineV 60Inline
No of Cyls87944126
Bore/Stroke4.72" x 5.51"4.25" x 4.72"6.06" x 6.30"4.01" x 4.33"4.13" x 4.53"6.50" x 8.27"6.30" x 7.48"
Displacement772.7 cu ins469.7 cu ins1636.0 cu ins220.0 cu ins244.0 cu ins3295.2 cu ins1398.1 cu ins
Comp Ratio5.90:16.00:16.40:15.80:16.00:115.0:15.50:1
bmep Cruise109106126106117100NA
Blower ratioN/AN/A6.25N/AN/AN/AN/A
Cyl MaterialSteelSteelSteelCast IronCast ironSteelSteel
Valves per cyl1 Inl 1 Exh1 Inl 1 Exh1 Inl 2 Exh1 Inl 1 Exh1 Inl 1 Exh2 Inl 2 ExhPorts
Valve Arr.OHVOHVOHVF-HeadF-HeadNot GivenPorts
HP max - not Take-Off22016065080100700Not GIven
@ RPM194022002150240025001750Not Given
@ AltitudeSea LevelSea LevelSea LevelSea Level3281 ftNot GivenNot Given
HP Take-Off240Not GivenNot Given7290800375
@ RPM2000Not GivenNot Given2320240017901700
HP Cruise2001285206680720340
@ RPM188020502000224023201720Not Given
Fuel Octane8080877477Not Given80
Prop DriveDirectDirectGearedDirectDirectGearedDirect
Dry Weight469.7 lbs297.6 lbs1080.3 lbs214 lbs230 lbs2061.3 lbs754.1 lbs
lb/Cruise HP2.342.322.083.242.872.872.01
Carb(s)2 X Sum1 X Sum1 X Sum1 X Sum1 X Pal1 X Injection1 X Sum
IgnitionBosch Mag(2)Bosch Mag(2)Bosch Mag(2)Bosch Mag&Bat (1 ea)Bosch Mag&Bat (1 ea)InjectionBosch Mag(2)
Starting MethodOwn, HandOwn Comp AirBosch, Hand CrankOwn, Hand CrankOwn Hand CrankDruckluft & Gluhkerzen Own Comp Air
Bed centres9.29"NANA11.80"8.45"25.20"NA

Let me know if any of the above does not read true, or if you have information that does not agree. Wherever possible, I will update these pages on a regular basis as data comes in.

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