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N/A = Not Applicable --- NA = Info Not available

MakerGnome-Rhone Mistral Major 18LGnome-Rhone Mistral Major 14MHispano-Suiza 12Y21Hispano-Suiza 12Xirs-1Hispano-Suiza 14AA-04Hispano-Suiza 14AB-02Renault 4PG1
ArrangementRadialRadialRadialV 60 V 60RadialRadial
No of Cyls1814121214144
Bore/Stroke5.75" x 7.09"4.80" x 4.57"5.91" x 6.69"5.12" x 6.69"6.13" x 6.69"5.32" x 5.12"4.72" x 5.51"
Displacement3308.64 cu ins1157.78 cu ins2196 cu ins1647 cu ins2759.6 cu ins1589 cu ins386.1 cu ins
Comp Ratio6.10:16.50:17.0:15.80:16.20:16.20:15.30:1
bmep Cruise145148133158151141103
Blower ratio8.945.658.2410.010.010.0N/A
Cyl MaterialSteelSteelSteelSteelSteelSteelSteel
Valves per cyl1 Inl 1 Exh1 Inl 1 Exh1 Inl 1 Exh2 Inl 2 Exh2 Inl 2 Exh1 Inl 1 Exh1 Inl 1 Exh
HP max - not Take-Off13006509107201120680105
@ RPM21503000Not Given2200212524001800
@ Altitude12000 ft12000 ft11811Not Given9350 ft11483 ftSea Level
HP Take-Off14007008807401070650100
@ RPM215030002400260021252400Not Given
Fuel Octane87878585858572
Prop DriveGearedGearedGearedGearedGearedDirectDirect
Dry Weight1622.6 lbs881.8 lbs1036.2 lbs 848.8 lbs1311.7 lbs1025.1 lbs319.5 lbs
lb/Cruise HP1.251.361.
Carb(s)1 X Bronzania1 X Bronzania1 X Own1 X Own1 X Own1 X Own1 X Zenith
IgnitionBosch Mag(2)Bosch Mag(2)Bosch Mag(2)Bosch Mag(2)Bosch Mag(2)Bosch Mag(2)Sev Mag(2)
Starting MethodOwn, El. MotorOwn, El. MotorViet, CartridgeViet, CartridgeViet, CartridgeViet, Cartridge Viet, Cartridge
Bed centresNANANANANANA21.26"

Let me know if any of the above does not read true, or if you have information that does not agree. Wherever possible, I will update these pages on a regular basis as data comes in.

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