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N/A = Not Applicable --- NA = Info Not available

MakerWalter AtomWalter MikronWalter MinorWalter JuniorWalter Major 4Walter Major 6Walter Sagitta-IRC
ArrangementHorizontalInlineInlineInlineInlineInlineV 60 Deg
No of Cyls24444612
Bore/Stroke3.35" x 3.78"3.35" x 3.78"4.14" x 4.53"4.53" x 5.51"4.65" x 5.51"4.65" x 5.51"4.65" X 5.51"
Displacement67.1 cu ins133.0 cu ins244.0 cu ins354.8 cu ins373.6 cu ins561.2 cu ins1120.5 cu ins
Comp Ratio5.2:15.2:15.3:15.2:15.2:15.2:15.50:1
bmep Cruise113117122117121128118
Blower ratioN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A7.55:1
Cyl MaterialSteelSteel SteelSteelSteelSteelSteel
Valves per cyl1 Inl 1 Exh1 Inl 1 Exh1 Inl 1 Exh1 Inl 1 Exh 1Inl 1 Exh1 Inl 1 Exh1 Inl 1 Exh
HP max - not Take-Off285495120130205450
@ RPM3000280025502300235023502600
@ AltitudeSea LevelSea LevelSea LevelSea LevelSea LevelSea Level6562 ft
HP Take-OffNA4877NA120190430
@ RPMNA23002050NA205020502490
HP Cruise255085105120190400
@ RPM2600255022602000210021002400
Fuel Octane68686868737385
Prop DriveDirectDirectDirectDirectDirectDirectGeared
Dry Weight88.2 lbs132.3 lbs205 lbs 297.6 lbs308.6 lbs385.8 lbs815.7
lb/Cruise HP3.522.642.412.842.572.032.05
Carb(s)2 X Amal1 X Claudel1 X Claudel1 X Claudel1 X Claudel2 X Claudel1 X Stromberg
IgnitionBosch Mag(2)Scintilla Mag(2)Scintilla Mag(2)Scintilla Mag(2)Scintilla Mag(2)Scintilla Mag(2)Scintilla Mag(2)
Electric StarterN/AOwn H/COwn H/COwn H/COwn H/COwn H/E H/E
Bed centresN/A9.84"11.89"21.26"21.26"25.20"25.20

Let me know if any of the above does not read true, or if you have information that does not agree. Wherever possible, I will update these pages on a regular basis as data comes in.

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