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Reference Main Aircraft Engine Reference Table

Diesel Engines in Aviation

Page 1 Beardmore, Packard, Clerget Engines,
Page 2 Fiat AN1, Bristol Phoenix Engines
Page 3 Mercedes V12 and V16 Engines
Page 4 Junkers Jumo Opposed-Piston Engines
Page 5 Rolls-Royce Condor Diesel, Clerget, Alfa-Romeo
Page 6 Deschamps Inverted V12, Guiberson Radial
Page 7 Napier Culverin, Coatalen V12
Page 8 Salmson-Szydlowski, Ceskoslovenská Zbrojovka

United Kingdom Manufacturers

Page 9 Rolls-Royce Ltd - Definitive Engine Manufacturer
Page 10Bristol Aero Engines Ltd - Driven by the Genius of A H Roy Fedden
Page 11D Napier & Son Ltd - Still around, making big Turbochargers
Page 12 Wolseley - One of the early engine pioneering companies
Page 13ABC Motors - Early makers of small power units and APU engines.
Page 14 Siddeley - Company with a long history in aviation
Page 15W.O.Bentley - Not just cars, Bentley produced aero-engines.
Page 16 Beardmore - Blighted by the fiasco with the R101 and its engines.
Page 17De Havilland - Makers of the Gipsy engine range and also aircraft.
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US Aviation Engine Manufacturers

Page 24 Wright - Arguably the premier piston-engine engine Co. in the US in the 30's and 40's.
Page 25 Pratt & Whitney - The only other company to come close to Wright in piston engines
Page 26Curtiss - Early player in engines, and aircraft, later absorbed into Wright.
Page 27 Allison - Only US company to have a decent engine available at the start of WW2.
Page 28Lycoming - Maker of light aircraft engines, thousands still in service.
Page 29 ContinentalCompetitor to Lycoming, with a similar range of products in the 60's and 70's.
Page 30 Liberty - Early aero-engine maker, supplied engines up to 1934.
Page 31 Some of the early pioneers of US aero-engine design and manufacture.
Page 32 King-Bugatti, Made in the USA as a modified version of the French engines
Page 33 Guiberson - Maker of one of the first diesel Radial Aero Engines
Page 34 Menasco - Inverted Air-Cooled In-Line Aero Engines
Page 35 Ranger - In-Line Air Cooled Aer Engines
Page 36 Kinner - Makers of small Radial Aero Engines
Page 37 Warner - Maker of the 'Scarab' Radial Aero Engine
Page 38 Packard - Successful diesel radials and licence builder of the Merlin
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European Aviation Engine Manufacturers

Page 41 Hispano-Suiza - Spanish Aero Engine Maker
Page 42 Maybach - Makers of Airship and other Aero engines
Daimler-Benz - German makers of Cars, Trucks and Engines
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Other Aviation Related Subjects
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Imperial war Museum - Duxford - Airshow Pictures
Selection 1 - 30 Aviation Pictures - A selection of 300+ aircraft pictures taken at Duxford in the 1980's
Selection 31 - 40 Aviation Pictures - A selection of 40+ aircraft pictures taken at Duxford Sept 2001