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Eastern European designers were also active in this period before WW2, and the following two companies had products that were in some sort of running order:

Salmson-Szydlowski: Two-stroke radial diesel engine, eighteen cylinders in pairs (A format repeated in the BMW 803 engine at the end of WW2) each cylinder 118 mm X 150 mm giving a swept volume of 29.50 litres or 1816 cu ins. Output power was 600 bhp with 16:1 compression ratio and scavenging provided by a centrifugal compressor, driven at 8.5:1 from the crankshaft. Overall diameter was 49.5" and it weighed 1248 lbs. Fuel supply was by Bosch-Lavalette pumps (9) each feeding two injectors. Like other two-stroke diesels, it had exhaust ports in the cylinders and inlet valves in the head. The interesting part of the design is that adjacent pairs of pistons were going through different parts of their respective cycles at a given point in time.

Last of the Eastern European makers was the Czechoslovakian - Ceskoslovenska Zbrojovka (some accents missing !) which was an air-cooled radial diesel, with 120 mm X 130 mm cylinders giving a swept volume of 13.20 litres or 812 cu ins. This engine gave 260 bhp at 1560 rpm on a 15:1 compression ratio, with a sfc of 0.41 lbs per hp hr on full load. This one goes against the grain by having piston controlled cylinder ports for intake and twin valves in the heads for exhaust. A Rateau type compressor gives 5 lb above atmosphere inlet manifold pressure for scavenging, weight is 700 lbs.

Pictures of all or most of these engines will be posted as soon as I get time to scan the books !

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