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Principal Aero Engines of 1910: Page 141 - Horizontal Engines
N/A = Not Applicable --- NA = Info Not available
Horizontal Engines Section 1
No of Cyls2424642 Opp. Piston
Bore/Stroke5.12" x 4.73"5.12" x 4.73"5.04" x 5.12"5.04" X 5.12"5.04" X 5.12"6.30" X 5.52"4.33" X 11.80"
Ratio - Stroke to Bore0.920.921.
Operating rpm1500150012001200120012001000
Piston Speed1185 ft/min1185 ft/min1025 ft/min1025 ft/min1025 ft/min1100 ft/min985
Brake HP24.2048.4024.2048.4072.6075.8037.60
Weight lbs121242132164385550220
lbs per bhp5.
Horizontal Engines Section 2
MakerDuthiel-Chambers Duthiel-ChambersDuthiel-Chambers----------------------------------------------------------------
No of Cyls3 Opp. Piston4 Opp. Piston3 Opp. Piston----------------
Bore/Stroke4.33" x 11.80"4.33" x 11.80"4.93" x 11.80"----------------
Ratio - Stroke to Bore2.732.732.40----------------
Operating rpm100010001000----------------
Piston Speed985 ft/min985 ft/min985 ft/min----------------
Brake HP56.475.297----------------
Weight lbs396528792----------------
lbs per bhp7.07.08.2----------------

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