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Back in 1980 I was working in India on equipment for the making of 'Gandhi' the movie. Located in and around Delhi, I had ample free time to wander around the city, and came across the National Railway Museum, located at the back of the diplomatic quarter. I wrote to the museum on my return to the UK and obtained permission to write an article for Model Engineer magazine, but it didn't happen so the slides have been stored since then. Hope you enjoy them!

The first set of pictures were developed in Australia, and found to be very poor, either through the camera or the processing, so on the way back home I called in again to the museum and re-shot all the bad ones. The air quality is very poor, and there is a distinct haze in all the pictures which is local pollution. In the early evening the local power station puts out huge amounts of soot and dirt as it copes with the evening load, and the skies get really dim.

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