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Designing & Building Our 6-Wheel Drawbar Trailer Page 7


The framing came to a successful conclusion, with the exception of the rear n/side framing for the wheel arch, which I wasn't happy with, so later on I would strip that corner joint down and remake the whole piece. The problem was the angles that we cut with the grinder, they weren't always as accurate as we needed and had to be dressed with a file afterwards to get the joint looking nice.

The chassis with the framing almost completed.

Starting to get the front/top framing and corner pieces organised.

Corner joint at the front n/side. The corner section is only for trial fit, the real piece is nearly 6ft long.


Front panel up in place. First significant panel at last!

Inside view, showing the brackets etc.

From the front.

The corner extrusions in place. They had to be changed later as we had made an error in their length.

This was pretty heady stuff! We were running along pretty well and it all looked good. Nothing had cropped up with the method of construction, and apart from an error in cutting the corner extrusions we had no material problems. On the day in question, the 6th May, we got the two boys and one of their builder friends round at about 5pm and decided to go for a lift on the side panels.

Contrary to popular belief, the sheets are quite flexible and heavy, so easily damaged. It was fairly breezy, but with Rita as well, the five of us tackled the first sheet. It was a struggle until we got it up over the sides, but it dropped in place OK and we were able to pop a couple of self tappers into the end corner extrusions to hold that front corner together.

First side panel in place, almost forgot to take a picture in the excitement of the moment!

Suitably emboldened, we then had a go at the second side. This one wasn't so easy as it was up against the neighbour's fence, but we got it into place without too much trouble and I popped more screws in to hold it up in place. At this point, the rear edges were flapping around a bit in the breeze, and we had to clamp a piece of material across the open ends at the back of the trailer to stop it going too far and damaging something.

Second side panel in place, bit more awkward but went in OK in the end.

All this time we had been building the trailer, we had had a number of passers-by stop and ask about it, and it was becoming a morning conversation-piece for the kids and their parents on the way to school. I also had a few 'regulars' who would stop and have a chat while it was being built.

Shot of the interior, just after we had lifted the sides on.

Second shot of the interior.

We called it night then, it was the best we had done in any single day, and a big step forward towards the finished item. Clearing away tools and materials and sweeping up metal swarf always took 30 minutes or so each night. We have cats, and the swarf was dangerous to them if it got into their feet. We had found the fault in the length of the front corner extrusions by now, so we had to order another length from Aalco on Monday (today was Friday) but we had a lot to get built now the sides were on.

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