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Designing & Building Our 6-Wheel Drawbar Trailer Page 4


February came and went, and after some delays, we loaded one of the vans up with the equipment, welder, overalls etc etc and headed off down to East Sussex at the start of March, where the main chassis material had been delivered at the end of 2010. We stayed with my sister who very kindly put me and Philip up for a few nights, which saved us travelling time and the cost of a hotel.

We had brought our own MIG welder and cylinder along as we didn't want to stop our metalworkers from their own work by tying up their main welder. As mentioned previously, the cutting drawing for all the pieces of the main chassis and the subframes had already been sent down ahead of us, so when we arrived, work was well under way:

Big Dave welding up the front drawbar frame:

Welding the steering pivot bottom half into the front axle support frame:

Drawbar pivot pins and retaining clips/washers:

Main Chassis members with the step welded up and gussets welded over:

Close-Up of the gussets on the outside of the mitred joint in the frame step:

Frame (Upside Down) having the cross-members welded in. Steering pin support over to the right.

Dave takes the frame outside to turn it over:

Frame now right way up, Philip at back getting ready to start welding brackets on the sides:

Chassis with axles fitted, note the areas for strengthening the floor for the engine trolley, in new steel:

Front view of the trailer with drawbar attached:

Closer view of the steering pivot::

Philip working on the frame step stiffening gussets, rest is almost finished:

The finished chassis outside the workshop:

Another view of the finished trailer:

The pictures don't do justice to the quality of the work done by the two Daves in the two days we were there. Although most of the chassis details had been worked out in advance, we had a couple of problems with interferences between parts that hadn't shown on the drawings, but a work-around was sorted very quickly and we carried on. Philip also put in some excellent welding work on the frame brackets and gussets.

They both deserve full credit for the worksmanship they put into the chassis. We took it home on completion, and it towed pretty well, if a little unusual to see the front bobbing up and down in the mirrors with nothing else in view! We had planned to get it into the shot blasters the following day, to be shot blasted and Zinc sprayed, before it went to the painters for powder coating.

Another point which should be mentioned, is that none of the drawings were just one issue, we got up to 8 or 9 revisions on some of them, mainly small details, but by no means were the drawings right first time.

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