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Got the T-piece for the gas feed today, brought back the heater assembly from the factory and refitted it temporarily so I could position the piping and connect the warm air heater gas feed.

Also installed a new bathroom light, the old vanity unit had one built in and it wasn't transferable, so a new twin-tube Labcraft unit was fitted as well.

The Helicoil kit has turned up, but I'm going to get next door to drill and tap the hole on their CNC mill, they can get that done more accurately than I can.

I'm waiting for another batch of metalwork to go to the shotblasters, then I'll send the front mudguard stays can be sorted out, plus the new wheels will need a quick blast to get the surface rust off before I paint them.

Moved the CO sensor/alarm to a new location by the smoke alarm. No piccies, sorry!


Waiting for parts again, but had a session last night and tonight with the shower taps and fitting.

The taps are micro-switch fitted, to control the water pump, so each set of taps has a pair of switches wired in parallel that feed the pump. Except that on ours we have fitted an intermediate 30A relay to protect the micro-switch contacts against burning.

I took out the original wiring and rewired both taps. The box is a standard ABS industrial box with a flange, looked for a white one in this style but nothing in the size I wanted.

The reason for my 'Wanted' ad on the forum can be seen in the second shot, the two hoses are untidy unless retained by something.


More waterworks!

I got the hose clips on Monday and tried them out:

Not too bad, but I was short of hose to make a tidy job, so stripped the end wall and shelves out and made up some longer pipes.

The incoming water goes through the Crystal filter and then to the kitchen cold tap, or to the water heater feed or to the shower cold water tap. Only the drinking water is filtered.

In the process I changed the plastic T-pieces as they had crushed under the pressure of the Jubilee clips and had extended each leg by a few mm.

I had replacements ready, just in case, as I had seen this on the Discovery LPG pipes for the vapouriser.


Nearly finished!

A bit of thinking during the week and we decided to relocate the water pump electrics and relay to outside the bathroom, so that we didn't have to tear into the bodywork to get at it in the event of failure, so we stuck it under the TV in a small plastic box from Maplins:

Got all of the shelving back together and the TV remounted on its new bracket:

The repaired water heater is back in place, just waiting for the main body to be refitted. I left it off as access under there with the body on is almost impossible:

The new drop-down sink is in place with the cupboard above, we ended up with a single cold water tap in the sink and the shower is adjacent with a 6ft hose, so if you wanted to wash your hair in the sink it could be done:

Water pipes and drain hoses are in place, need to seal around the water pipes with some Sikaflex, but the waste pipe is a tight fit in the hole and probably won't need anything:

You can just see the cables going out of the shower box and the new sink, they go through the wall and into the relay box on the other side.

Overall it looks OK, much lighter and gives us more room than the old vanity unit:

Just got some odd jobs to finish off, then we have the electrics for the warm air heater to wire, then we are there, at last!

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