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Drawbar Trailer Design & Build

Designing & Building Our 6-Wheel Drawbar Trailer Page 2


The components of the centre pivot all came together fairly quickly, but we had problems with the heavy rectangular box section that we had bought, it was distorted enough to cause problems with seating of the bearings, so we had to take it to a machine shop to be straightened on a hydraulic press.

Once that was done, we could send the cut pieces away for machining to take the radial thrust bearings, the wall thickness is 10mm:

Once machined, they were a fair bit lighter:

The retaining bolts for the bearings were machined down as they were slightly too long to swing into the holes, as there were two sets on opposite sides of the box section,and the heads took out a fair bit of room. We then welded them into place while clamped up with a bearing as once the housing was welded into place, the bolts would not be accessible:


While this had been going on, we had been getting other parts sorted out. The steel had been delivered to Eastbourne, and we had drawn up and ordered the various gussets and brackets needed for the chassis assembly:

The main 'Z' sections for the step in the main frame:

The Drawbar eye side plates:

The gussets for the main framework:

The brackets for taking the body side struts:

The fitting were all laser-cut from 6mm steel sheet, which mean that we had no finishing to do, all the parts were right size first time.

The front axle framework drawing was now done:

We introduced a cutting schedule on some of the drawings so we could see at a glance what material was going to be used in each assembly. Later on there was an exploded view drawing of the main chassis with each part dimensioned.

Chronologically, we were now in January 2011, and we had nearly everything ready for a building session, just a few odds and sods were needed, plus we were waiting for new wheels and tyres for the front axle. The other new wheels had been shot blasted and Zinc sprayed before being painted, and we had to do the same with the two additional wheels. Then we found that the tyres we had bought for the front axle were winter tyres, so we had to get them taken off and changed.

Materials for the body were being organised, but we didn't want to take delivery and have the sheets of GRP/Ply out in the weather while we waited for the chassis (Although in fact it was the driest and warmest March/April/May we had had for a few years!) so we put off getting the sheets delivered until the chassis was nearly ready for them. What we did do was to find three sheets of GRP/Polyester honeycomb sheet at a knock-down price on the web. It was a discontinued product and we were able to snap up three sheets.

They were in Chester, but again, we were going that way on a service call, to Chester itself as it happened, so collection was arranged:

That fortunate purchase would provide the main floor material throughout the trailer, and the remains would be enough to do the central bulkhead between the two halves of the trailer, against which the kitchen and bathroom would be constructed on the living side. It was pure luck that we found the material when we did, and very handy to be going to Alstom at Chester a week or so later.

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