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Test with the LPG system proved OK, we used a spare Calor cylinder to run it for the first time as the big cylinder wasn't full yet. There were a few small leaks, but going round the unions a few times soon sorted them out. There was a more serious problem later on, the adaptor between the gas tank valve and the bottle adaptor was the wrong one and didn't seal properly. We had an alarm on the CO2 unit one evening so turned it all off until the morning. It turned out that the adaptor we were supplied with by Tinley tech was not double-ended BSP taper, but taper one end and cone/pipe fitting the other. As a temporary fix we fitted an olive into the seating and put extra Rocol sealer on the joint which held OK. On our return to the UK we were supplied with the correct fitting by Tinley Tech.

In the bathroom, we had measured up for the new shower tray, and had the prototype unit tack-welded up for a trial fit. That needed a few small adjustments, but in the main it was fine. It went back for finishing off. After shot blasting and powder coating it was ready to go in.

Prototype shower tray, just tacked together for a trial fit.

Prototype shower tray, water filler behind the corner.

The tray had to fit fairly well on all sides, and also carry the wiring and piping for the water, gas and electric round that side of the bathroom. In the event there was plenty of room for the pipes etc. We couldn't do a final assembly of the bathroom until the tray was finished as the room was built around it, and once the walls were fitted, it was locked in place.

Prototype shower tray, fitting under the Thetford C2 cassette toilet.

Prototype shower tray, fitting in the corner by the door.

Prototype shower tray, opposite corner to the picture above.

Prototype shower tray, in place with walls removed.

Painted Shower Tray.

Painted Shower Tray, another view.

Shower tray in place, no big issues but unsealed.

Shower tray in place, another view.

The shower tray was the last big job before the 2012 season, and we wanted it all finished and in place before we went to Nuenen, so it could be trialled without any problems. We knew that showers were available at Nuenen so if the installation failed, we could still have showers. Once it was all bolted up, we gave it a try to see how effective it would be, and were pleasantly surprised.

The water heater is 9litres, and if you don't run it too fast and mix with cold water, you can have a decent shower. Leaving the water heater running as well, prolongs the time you can have in the shower. All in all we were pretty pleased with it, and left it like that for the four shows we did in 2012. We knew that the bathroom walls would be replaced by GRP/Honeycomb in the 2012/13 winter, and a couple of other jobs were noted: Making the sink taps separate from the shower for a start.

Side decals for the trailer had been planned since the original build, but they never got printed and fitted, so this year we put the time in to producing the artwork image for our label printers. The decal artwork could only come from a scanned image of a new transfer, and it too some weeks of spare time on the computer to edit the image and take out surface scratches and defects that would show up on a decal that was 800mm diameter.

Ruston Hornsby decal. As scanned.

Ruston Hornsby decal close-up of original damaged scan.

Ruston Hornsby decal close-up of original repaired scan.

Ruston Hornsby decal repaired in the one place.

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