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Designing & Building Our 6-Wheel Drawbar Trailer Page 13

When we got back from Nuenen, we had a look at the various items that we had noted down as needing modification, mainly small things, and the list was fairly small. The trailer itself had worked well with no major mechanical faults. We went over all the underchassis to check for loosening of nuts and bolts etc but didn't find anything at all, which was nice.

The main jobs to progress were the toilet and shower compartment, followed by the sink, cooker, fridge and the water heater. All major parts and there was the added complication of LPG feeds for the cooker, fridge and water heater to think about. We intended to use the original framework out of the Swift caravan, but build a new shower compartment with more internal width and length.

The vanity unit and shower tray fromt the damaged caravan were past their best, and although we tried repairing both, we decided that another vanity unit was needed, and the shower tray would be best addressed by a custom built tray. We used chipboard for the walls of the shower room, but almost immediately we decided that it was not going to be up to what we needed, so we looked out for something better, while carrying on with the chipboard panelling for now. We found a better vanity unit, and another shower tray, but in the end we had a tray made to suit the room we had built.

Our first shower/vanity unit under repair. This one was eventually scrapped.

Our first shower/vanity unit assembled loosely.

Locating the major items in the shower compartment.No walls erected yet.

Major units assembled to see how they fitted.

First thing to fit was the cassette toilet. This was a Thetford C2 and it needed a cut-out in the side of the trailer so the cassette could be removed for emptying. We asked for a template drawing from Thetford, and also we were lent one by a Forum member. In the end it was a combination of both that we used for the job. We firstly fitted the support for the toilet inside the compartment, that fixed the position of the aperture that we would have to cut out.

First panel for the shower room.

Toilet support bulkhead fitted and Thetford C2 toilet in place. Fortuitously, the 'hand' of the unit was correct for our trailer.

Space behind the cassette toilet bulkhead, used for passing pipes and cables through.
Curve is from the accident damage to the donor caravan, should come out in time.

Once we had a working layout, we built the rest of the shower compartment up, using standard sheets of faced chipboard, although we knew that in the longer term we would want to replace this with honeycomb panelling so we could seal the 'wet' compartment off from the rest of the trailer. Focus DIY were in their death throes, so we picked up sufficient panels to do the job, plus a couple of bits in reserve. All at half normal price, but it wasn't that good in quality terms as we were to find out.

Original bathroom door from the caravan was re-used.

Fairly simple to cut out the door aperture.

Completed compartment, aluminium panel joiners very useful, but only available to suit restricted widths.

Once we had the basic structure assembled, we could sort out paths for the water and electric services that had to go around the shower room without passing outside the body. We have water hoses for hot and cold water to the sink in the kitchen, mains feed for the water heater and sockets in the living area & gas for the water heater. The electrics for the water taps that control the water pump relay are also running down there.

Other things were happening, we had the water heater to fit, a carver Cascade II with both gas and electric capability. This came out of the caravan that we scrapped and was nearly new. It needed gas and 240V and water feed, so we got into that at the same time.

Carver water heater in place, lagging is not fitted, or any of the water pipes and electrics.

Carver water heater in place, water pipes and electrics hooked up.
Orange cable is 240V power feed to sockets and water heater switch.

Water inlet point fitted, waiting for pipes to go on. This unit carries 12V supply to the submerged pump in the water carrier.
It fitted quite nicely into the curve of the vanity unit and tray.

Water inlet piped up. Hoses to the sink above are laying towards the camera.
We will fit brass T-pieces instead of the plastic ones used here.

We carried on with the work, but went outside the trailer for the next job on the list, the toilet door.

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