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The little Cub diesel was one of the very first flat-twin diesel engines produced in the UK and Europe. Designed to provide a small and compact power unit, many design details were carried across to the Petter AV1 vertical diesel engine, parts of which had to be redesigned soon after its introduction to cure bad starting, a problem which didn't affect the Cub.

The engine was eventually made by a number of manufacturers, Victor Diesel Engines, Victor Oil Engines (Coventry) Ltd and Oil Engines (Coventry) Ltd., all part of the Associated British Oil Engines Group of companies. It had applications in the Bradford van and a small car chassis badged as the Victor.

Typical bare engine unit. The flywheel had its own housing and wasn't used bare.

Typical Marine installation. Note the flywheel housing is shown in this shot.

Portable pumping set. Cooling is by a bypass off the water pump. Individual silencers shown here.
Note the three different types of starting handle arrangements in these pictures.

Generating set, probably a publicity photo/picture. Note the knife switch on the generator.

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