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Solex and US Zenith Carburettor Information

H/book#3 - Solex Carb Handbook 19 pages US Zenith US Zenith Carburetor Range 24 pages

UK Zenith Carburettor Applications Information

UK Apps 1
ABC to Austin
UK Apps 2
Austin to Austin
UK Apps 3
Austin to Bedford
UK Apps 4
Bristol to Crossley
UK Apps 5
Dennis to Ford
UK Apps 6
Garner to Lammas
UK Apps 7
Lanchester to Meadows
UK Apps 8
Morris to Petters
UK Apps 9
Power Spec's to Riley
UK Apps 10
Riley to Standard
UK Apps 11
Sunbeam to Triumph
UK Apps 12
Vauxhall to Wickham
Zenith Chart Headings Info

Solex Carburettor Spares Information - 76 pages

Solex 22BIC
Renault 750
Solex C22BICF
Fiat 600
Solex C22DH
Fiat 500
Solex C22IAC
Renault 760
Solex 22IDS
Renault R4 (Early)
Solex 26FHDT
Douglas, Bamford, BSA
Solex 26FV
Lister Stationary
Solex 26VFIS
Volkswagen Industrial
Solex 26ZIC
Ford, Standard
Solex B26HN
BMC J4 Van
Solex B26ZIC-2
Prefect Anglia Squire 1172cc
Solex C28PCI
Fiat 600D
Solex 28PICT
Volkswagen Commercial
Solex 28IDT
Renault Dauphine (Late)
Solex 28PCI
Volkswagen Industrial
Solex B28ZIC-2
Standard 10
Solex 28ZIC-2
Reliant 600cc OHV 1963-67
Solex 28ZIC-2 (2)
Standard 10hp Triumph Herald
Solex 28IBT
Renault Dauphine
Solex 30AAPI
Ford V8
Solex 30AAPI (2)
Citroën Big 6
Solex 30FAI
Solex 30 AHG
Austin/Morris J2 JB Van (2 pics)
Solex 30 AHG
Solex B30 PIHT-3
Hillman Imp 1963-64
Solex B30 PSEI-3
Ford Anglia 105E 997cc
Solex B30 PSEI-2
Ford Cortina/Anglia 1200cc
Solex B30 PSEI6
Vauxhall HA, HB Viva
Solex B30 PIH-5
Imp, Imp II, Chamois & Van
Solex B30 ZIC-3
Ford Anglia 105E Prefect 107E
Solex B30 PIH
Standard Vanguard Six 2 Litre
Solex B30 PIH5
Hillman Imp & Chamois
Solex C30-32BIC
Fiat 1100 & 103 (Early)
Solex 32PAATI
Mercedes 219
Solex 32PAITA
Borgward Isabella
Solex 32PCI
Lloyd Alexander TS
Solex 32PDIST
Renault R8
Solex 32PHN
Volkswagen 1500
Solex 32PICB
Borgward Isabella
Solex 32PICBT
Renault Fregate
Solex 32PIDT
Renault Floride & Gordini
Solex B32 B10-4
Standard Vanguard / Atlas Van
Solex B32 B10-4 (2)
Solex B32BIPO
Solex B32 IH
BMC JU Van 1966-
Solex B32 PAIA-2
Sunbeam Rapier Series IV
Solex B32 PAIA & PIAI-2
Sunbeam Alpine Ser III & IV
Solex B32 PAIA & PAIA-2 (2)
Humber Sceptre
Solex B32 PAIA-2 (3)
Singer Vogue Series III
Solex B32 PAIAS
Vogue IV Rapier V Sceptre II
Solex 32-34PAITA
Mercedes 220S 220SB
Solex B32 PBI-2
Land Rover 4-Cyl Early
Solex B32 PBI-2 (2)
Land Rover
Solex B32PBI-5 (2)
Solex B32 PBI-5
Jaguar 2.4 Litre 6-Cyl
Solex B32 PBIS
Singer Gazelle IIIB
Solex B32 PBIS-2
Singer Vogue 1600cc
Solex B32PIH
Standard Vanguard 6-Cyl
Solex B32 PSEI
Super Minx, Vogue II
Solex C32-35APAI-2
Fiat 1100 & 103
Solex C32PBIC
Renault Fregate
Solex C32PBICA
Peugeot 403 Car & Comm.
Solex C32PBICT
Simca Aronde 'Flash'
Solex C32PBIO
Singer, various models
Solex C32RBIO-2
Solex B33 PSEI-2/3/4
Super Minx, Vogue II & III
Solex 34PBIC
Citroën ID19
Solex 34PICB
Mercedes 190C
Solex 35-40AIP
Commer B Series Comm.
Solex 35FAIE
Citroën Light 15
Solex 40FAI
Commer 'S' Commercial
Solex 40PBIC
Mercedes 300
Solex B40 PA10-5
Rover 80
Solex 44PHH 1 of 2
Mercedes 190SL
Solex 44PHH 2 of 2
Mercedes 190SL
Solex B46FPAI
Commer C, CX & CY Comm.

Stromberg Carburettor Spares Information - 51 pages

Stromberg 125CD
Various BMC
Stromberg 125CD (2)
Triumph Vitesse 6 Cyl
Stromberg 125CD (3)
Conversions for Spridgets
Stromberg 125 CDS
Imp Sport, Chamois Sport
Stromberg 150CD
Triumph 2000
Stromberg 150CD (2)
Stromberg 150CD (3)
Volvo Penta
Stromberg 150CD (4)
Triumph 2000
Stromberg 150 CD (5)
Triumph Vitesse 1600cc 6 Cyl
Stromberg 150 CD (6)
Triumph GT6 2Litre
Stromberg150CD (7)
Sunbeam Alpine V
Stromberg 150 CD (8)
Triumph Vitesse 2 Litre
Stromberg 150 CD (9)
Vauxhall Viva 90 / SL90
Stromberg 150 CD (10)
Vauxhall Viva 90/SL90 1969-70
Stromberg 150 CD (11)
Triumph 2000 1967-
Stromberg 150 CD (12)
Triumph Spitfire GT6 2 Litre
Stromberg 150 CDS
Hillman Hunter, Vogue
Stromberg 150 CDS (2)
Hillman Minx, Gazelle
Stromberg 150 CDS (3)
Sceptre, Rapier 1725cc
Stromberg 150 CDS (4)
Triumph 2000 & Vitesse
Stromberg 150 CDS (5)
Hillman Avenger 1250/1500cc
Stromberg 150 CDS (6)
Vauxhall Viva HB Late 1969-70
Stromberg 150 CDSE
Triumph Spitfire 1970
Stromberg 150 CDSE (2)
Triumph GT6 1969-70
Stromberg 150 CDSE (3)
Triumph GT6 2 Litre 1970-
Stromberg 150 CDSE (4)
Rootes Sunbeam Minx 1725cc
Stromberg 150 CDSE (5)
Sunbeam Alpine GT 1969-70
Stromberg 175CD (2)
Triumph TR4 & Jaguar
Stromberg 175CD-1
Humber Super Snipe IV
Stromberg CD175
Triumph TR4 TR4A
Stromberg 175 CDS
Volvo 121 131 144
Stromberg 175 CD-2S
Land Rover 2.6 Litre 1968
Stromberg 175 CD-2S (2)
Vauxhall GT 1975cc 1968
Stromberg 175 CD-2S (3)
Volvo Penta 5151
Stromberg 175 CD-2S (4)
Volvo Penta B18 & 5160
Stromberg 175 CD-2S (5)
Saab 99 1968-69
Stromberg 175 CD-2S (6)
Vauxhall Viva GT 2000cc
Stromberg 175 CD-2S (7)
Vauxhall VX4/90 Late 69/70
Stromberg 175CD-2S (8)
Triumph Stag 1970
Stromberg 175 CD-2SE
Volvo 144 4-Cyl 1968-70
Stromberg 175 CD-2SE (3)
Saab 99 1969
Stromberg175CD-2SE (4)
Volvo 142S 144S 164
Stromberg 175 CD-2SE (5)
Alfa Romeo 1750cc
Stromberg 175 CD-2SE (6)
Jaguar E Type 4.2 1969-70
Stromberg 175 CD-2SE (7)
Jaguar XJ6 4.2 1969-70
Stromberg 175 CD-2SE (8)
Jaguar E Type 1968-69
Stromberg 175 CD-2SE (9)
Triumph TR6 1969-70
Stromberg BXV BXOV
Holden, Various
Stromberg WW
Dodge Commercial
Stromberg DI-36 DI-42
Sunbeam Alpine & 90 Mk3

Zenith Carburettor Spares Information - 102 pages

Zenith 24T2
JAP and Petter Carb Data
Zenith 13TC
Zenith 34VN (1)
Vauxhall Velox/Cresta
Zenith 34VN (2)
Vauxhall Victor
Zenith 34VN (3)
Bedford CA/CAL/CAV Van
Zenith 34VN (4)
Vauxhall Wyvern
Zenith 36WIA
Humber Hawk & Hawk II
Zenith 34VN (5)
Volvo P444 & Amazon
Zenith 34VN (6)
Bedford D12 D22 D32
Zenith 13TCA
Suffolk Punch Industrial
Zenith 30VM-8
Hillman Minx & Husky
Zenith 34VN (7)
Vauxhall Velox/Cresta (Late)
Zenith 34VNT
Vauxhall Velox/Cresta PA
Zenith 30VIG-8 & 10
Austin Various Models
Zenith 30VIG-6
Ford Consul Mk1
Zenith 30VIG-II
Vauxhall Various Models
Zenith 30VIG-5
Bedford Trucks Various
Zenith 30VIG-II
Bedford CA Van Early
Zenith 30WIP-2
Sunbeam Rapier Mk2
Zenith 34VN (8)
Ford Consul Mk2
Zenith 30VIG-8 & 10
Austin Metropolitan
Zenith 30VIG-9
Volvo P-444
Zenith DIF-36
Sunbeam Rapier MkI
Zenith 26VF-3
Ford 8hp 10hp
Zenith 30VM-6
Austin A40 & Taxi
Zenith 34VNN
Zenith 30VM-4 & 5
Austin Various
Zenith 30VM-7
Hillman Minx & Husky, Late
Zenith 30VI
Hillman Minx & Husky
Zenith 42VIS
Austin A70, A90, A95
Zenith 26VME
Austin A30, A35, A40
Zenith 30VIG-10
Hillman Minx Series 3A
Zenith 18MXZ
Triumph Tiger Cub
Zenith 17MXZ
Triumph Tigress BSA Sunbeam
Zenith 30VN
Hillman Minx Series 3B
Zenith 42VNT
Vauxhall Velox / Cresta PAX
Zenith 30VN
Hillman Minx Series 3C
Zenith 36WIP-2
Sunbeam Alpine
Zenith 36WIA-3
Sunbeam Rapier Series IIIA
Zenith 30VNN
Intn'l Harvester 4Cyl 35hp
Zenith 36VN
Volvo B18A Engine
Zenith 32VN-2 Ford
Consul Classic 315 & Capri 335
Zenith 32VNP
Hillman Super Minx Mk1
Zenith 26VME
Hillman Husky
Zenith 36 WIA-2
Sunbeam Rapier Series III
Zenith 42WIA
Humber Super Snipe 3 Litre
Zenith 36 VIS
Austin Commercial
Zenith 42WIA-2
Ford Zodiac MkIII
Commer Commercial
Zenith 30 VM
Austin Commercial
Zenith 34 WIA-2
Austin Gypsy
Zenith 34 VN
Ford Thames Van
Zenith 36WIP-3
Vauxhall VX4/90
Zenith 36WIA-2
Ford Zephyr MkIII
Zenith 36VN
Ford Zephyr MkIII 4 Cyl
Zenith 33VN-2 Ford
Classic Capri Corsair Cortina
Humber Sceptre 4 Cyl
Zenith 42 VN
Austin Gypsy MkIV
Zenith 30 VNP
Intn'l Harvester 4 Cyl 40hp
Zenith 13 TCA-2
Suffolk Lawnmowers
Zenith 34 IV (1)
Vauxhall Victor
Zenith 36 VNP
Volvo Penta Aquamatic
Zenith 34 IV (2)
Bedford CA Van Late
Zenith 30VNN (2)
Hillman Husky Series III
Zenith13TCA (3)
BSA Stationary
Zenith13TCA2 (2)
BSA Stationary
Zenith 36 IV (6)
Vauxhall Victor 1967-68
Zenith 36 IV (7)
Vauxhall Victor Deluxe 1969
Zenith 34 IV (3)
Vauxhall VX 4-90
Zenith 42VNT
Vauxhall Velox & Cresta
Zenith 42 WIAT
Vauxhall Ventora 3.3 Litre
Zenith 48 VIR
Bedford Truck 1958-70
Zenith 33 VN-2 (2)
Ford Cortina Conversion
Zenith 36 VN (3)
Ford Cortina Conversion
Zenith 30 IZ (4)
Ford Escort 1100cc
Zenith 36 VH
Zenith26VME (3)
Commer Cob Utility
Zenith 42 WIAT / D
Vauxhall Cresta & Cresta D/L
Zenith30VNN (3)
Commer Cob Utility Series III
Zenith 36 IV (2)
Ford Transit Van V4
Zenith 34 IV (4)
Vauxhall VX 4/90
Zenith 34 IV (5)
Hillman Minx, Super Minx
Zenith 36 IV
Ford Corsair V4
Zenith 34 IVD
Vauxhall Victor 101
Zenith 34 IV (6)
Commer 15cwt Van PA
Zenith 34 IV (8)
Vauxhall VX 4/90 Auto
Zenith 36 IVT & 38 IVT
Ford Zephyr V4 & V6
Zenith 42WIAT 42WIATD (2)
Vauxhall Viscount
Zenith 34 IV (7)
Commer Bluebird Caravan
Zenith 150CD
Triumph 1300 and Herald
Zenith 150CD (2)
Vauxhall Viva 90 & SL90
Zenith 42 VNT (3)
Vauxhall Velox & Cresta
Zenith 42 VN (2)
Bedford J series Truck
Zenith 34 IVD (2)
Vauxhall Victor 101 1966-7
Zenith 36 IV (3)
Land Rover 2¼ Litre 1966-
Zenith 30 IZ (2)
Vauxhall Viva HB 22 1160cc
Zenith 42 VIS-3
28hp Bedford Truck
Zenith 30 VEA
Austin 26hp 4 litre 6-cylinder
Zenith 42 VIR-3
Bedford 36hp 6-Cylinder
Zenith 30 IZ
Vauxhall Viva HB 1160cc
Zenith 30 IZ (3)
Reliant Rebel 700cc
Zenith 36 IV (4)
BMC, LD, FG, Gipsy