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Diesel and other Engine Books

We have a growing collection of books on various subjects, and we are occasionally able to assist with technical enquiries from other interested people on the Internet. Note that the books are NOT for sale, it takes too long to find them! We would be interested in purchasing similar titles to those listed, and would welcome any information on books that are available for sale. Engine manual copies can 'sometimes' be arranged, but we have to make a charge for covering the costs of photocopying and postage. To copy a typical engine instruction manual and parts list for overseas delivery costs about £15 to £20, depending on the number of pages and the destination.

Listing of Books (Updated 24th December 2002)

Subjects Covered by Books No of Titles Page No
Internal Combustion Engines 17 Page 1
Steam Power 13 Page 2
Aeronautical Books 36 Page 3
Marine Engineering Books 31 Page 4
General / Theory 8 Page 5
Machine Tools / Toolroom 29 Page 6
Engine Manuals 80 Page 7
Diesel / Oil Engines 40 Page 8
Various Encyclopaedia/Sets 22 Page 9
Miscellaneous Subjects 23 Page 10
Model Engineering Subjects 12 Page 11
Electrical Engineering 22 Page 12