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Machinery Pages

Old engine-driven machinery

The following pages give pictures and drawings of old engine-driven machinery such as generators, chaff-cutters,
rolling and grinding mills, pumps and other equipment of the period 1890 - 1945. The list will expanded in time.

Bentall's Farm Machinery

Bamford Mill Smaller type of Bamford corn mill Bentall 26 Bentall Corn Kibbler GMF
Bentall 1 Bentall XCP Rolling and Grinding mill Bentall 27 Bentall Root Cutters DWE/P/S
Bentall 2 Bentall XRSX Grinding Mill Bentall 28 Bentall Spiral Root Cleaner/Cutter XWPRT
Bentall 3 Bentall OCT Cake Breaker Bentall 29 Bentall Mobile Spiral Root Cleaner/Cutter
Bentall 4 Contractor's Chaff Cutter Mark UA Bentall 30 Bentall 'Gardner' Turnip Cutter XTCE
Bentall 5 Chaff Cutter with Dust Extraction Bentall 31 Bentall Barrel Pulper RPB
Bentall 6 Bentall Chaff Cutter on Carriage Bentall 32 Bentall Oil Cake Breaker OCO
Bentall 7 Bentall Chaff Cutter with cover opened Bentall 33 Bentall Oil Cake Breaker OCY
Bentall 8 Bentall CPB PSC Chaff Cutters Bentall 34 Bentall Green Bone Cutters BCB3 & BCD3
Bentall 9 Bentall CXB CDV Chaff Cutters Bentall 35 Bentall Green Bone Cutters BCH3 & BCK3
Bentall 10 Bentall CEB2 Chaff Cutter Bentall 36 Bentall Clover Cutter CPM
Bentall 11 Bentall Power feed Chaff Cutter Bentall 37 Bentall Virginia Maize Sheller
Bentall 12 Chaff Cutter Weights and Dimensions Table Bentall 38 Bentall 'Essex' Oil Bath Mower
Bentall 13 LCSE Litter & Long Forage Cutter Bentall 39 Bentall Grindstone
Bentall 14 Bentall XRSX Mill with Parts Labelling Bentall 40 Bentall Horse Hoe MHB
Bentall 15 Bentall Mark E High Speed Grinder Bentall 41 Bentall Beet Lifter
Bentall 16 Bentall Mark B High Speed Grinder Bentall 42 Bentall Power Transmission Components
Bentall 17 Bentall Mark C21Grinding Mill Bentall 43 Bentall Belt Shifter
Bentall 18 Bentall Grinding Mill Metal Plates Bentall 44 Bentall Belt Shifter on Root Cutter
Bentall 19 Bentall No2 Kibbling Mill Bentall 45 Bentall Large Belt Shifter on Chaff Cutter
Bentall 20 Bentall No3 & No0 Hand Mills Bentall 46 Bentall Belt Shifter on Std Chaff Cutter
Bentall 21 Bentall Corona Mill - -
Bentall 22 Bentall XRSLCrushing & Kibbling Mill - -
Bentall 23 Bentall Oat Crushing Mills RCA, RCB - -
Bentall 24 Bentall Corn Screen - -
Bentall 25 Bentall Corn Kibbler OKC - -
- - - -
- - - -
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