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Bentall Chaff Cutter on carriage

Bentall Chaff Cutter on carriage

A Bentall Heavy-Duty Chaff Cutter, mounted on a wheeled carriage for portability. The cut hay falls out of the bottom of the machine into either a collecting tray or a pit. When mounted inside, they were usually on the first floor of a barn, and the cut chaff fell through into collecting chutes, from whence it was fed into sacks.

Both hay and straw were cut for feed, as hay was always in short supply, and straw was used as a bulk addative to the more nutritious hay. Most farms had little time to grow and cut hay, although those with the ground to spare could make good money in bad years by selling their surplus bales to farms with animals to feed.

This machine has fast and loose pulleys, standard fitting for the larger engine driven implements. The carriage chassis is made of timber, with wrought iron fittings and cast wheels.

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