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Bentall Contractor's Chaff Cutter

Bentall UA Contractor's Chaff Cutter

A Bentall UA Heavy-Duty Chaff Cutter, used for cutting hay and stray into small lengths before feeding to animals. Ilustration taken from a Bentalls sales capalogue of 1935. The fast and loose drive pulleys are located outside the frame, and the drive shaft is along the frame, as per the smaller XCP and Bamford mills. The large flywheel on the other end has the steel knives bolted to the spokes. The mechanism takes in hay that is placed in the hopper, and slices it up as it feeds through the front face of the machine behind the cutter blades.

The feed mechanism pulls the hay through, and some horrific accidents occurred with people losing hands and arms as they fed hay in and got caught by the feed mechanism. An act of Parliament: (The Chaff Cutting Machines (Accidents) Act) was eventually passed which required all machines to have a safety reversing mechanism to prevent such accidents.

These machines are never seen in preservation in the UK, as they were only sold to contractors or very large farms, and while a few may be in existence, it is not the type of thing that most enthusiasts would want to pull around to show. The UA model required 12 to 14 hp to drive, and produced 3 tons of ¼" chaff per hour with the five-bladed knife assembly.

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