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Bentall OCT Cake Breaker

Bentall OCT Cake Breaker

A Bentall OCT cake breaker, used for breaking up animal feed cake before feeding to animals. Ilustration taken from a Bentalls sales capalogue of 1935. The drive pulley is located outside the frame, and the drive shaft is along the frame, as per the smaller XCP and Bamford mills.

The twin roller mechanism (two upper and two lower) ensures that the coarser cake material is properly broken up, while the lower pair of rollers would be used for finer feed biscuits and pellets. The smaller OCS2 cake mill would require about 2hp to drive, the OCT would need 3hp.

These machines are rarely seen in preservation in the UK, as they are rarely sold off from the farms, and are kept in use until they are scrapped. The largest Bentall OCT mill weighs just under half a ton, and can cope with 45 cwt of feed per hour.

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