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Bentall Large XRSX Grinding Mill

Bentall XRSX Large Mill

A large Bentall corn grinding mill. Ilustration taken from a Bentalls sales capalogue of 1935. The drive pulley is located outside the frame, and the drive shaft is across the frame, compared with the smaller XCP and Bamford mill. The riddle mechanism ensures that the feed of grain from the hopper was not stopped by blockages, and also feeds the additional rollers for use as a rolling mill. The XRSX mill would require about 10hp to drive, the largest in the range, the XRSY would need 12-14hp.

These larger mills are not quite as popular in the UK, as they are difficult to transport and handle by a single person. The largest Bentall XRSY mill weighs over three quarters of a ton, and is fitted with the largest rolling wheels (25" X 8" and 12" X 8") as well as the largest grinding mechanism (17" dia)

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