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A few articles that I wrote over the past few years. Some were posted to the UK engine newsgroup uk.rec.engines.stationary

Article Title LinkDescription Of Article Contents
Diesel Injection SystemsInjectionA run-through of a basic injection system
Generators With Stationary Engines GeneratorsDiscussion of Mounting and Running AC & DC Systems
Identifying Lister Diesels IdentThings to Look For on the CS Diesels
Buying Your First Engine BuyingLooking For, and Bringing Home your First Engine
Making Your Own TrailerTrailerDiscussion of Trailer Design and Manufacture
Workshop Facilities and ToolsFacilitiesDiscussion of Facilities Required for Engine Restoration.
Beginners Question TimeFAQ'sFrequently Asked Questions for the Beginner
Making Your Own Engine TrolleyTrolleyDiscussion of Engine Trolley Manufacture
Restoration & Rebuild - Lister 10/2BookRestoring & Rebuilding the Lister 10/2 Cold-Start Twin