By far the one brand of antique engine stuff that I have the most of is Maytag. I've got 92's and 72's, Mixing and Oil Cans, Wrenches, etc. I especially like the commerative coins that the factory puts out on occasion. puts out on occasion. But the Pride of this collection is this washer.

I got this off E'bay, I sort of felt bad about how little I paid for it. Then he fellow told me that he found it at the curb on trash day down the street from his house. The engine wasn't part of the deal, that is a engine I've had since I was a kid and it's the first engine I restored. It's a 1928 with the proper ratchet gear, fuel tank top, side bearing housing, and kick guard plate. Would really like to come across a side exhaust for it.

I've also got a washer that should have a twin underneath, but that's a project for another day.

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