Hank's Mystery Engine


I was given this incomplete little engine here. I've showed it around a bit to some of my fellow club members and no one has any idea what it might be. Is it a kit someone was building? A antique small engine or possibly something that someone was scratch building. At first glance I thought that it might have been a compressor, but if you look there is a place for a cam and pushrods to go underneath the cylinder. The cylinder is water jacketed with pipe fittings for circulation. The diameter of the flywheels is 10 inches. The only marking on the whole thing is a U or a O inside of a circle on the crankshaft. Everyone who's looked at it comments how odd the keyways are between the flywheel and the crank, They are sort of sideways from a conventional keyway. 

If anyone has any info on what this might have been I sure would appreciate a e-mail, as I'd sort of like to complete this engine and I'd hate to muck it up if it's anything other then something that someone was scratch building.


Mystery Solved

Thanks to John Davidson of WI

It is a 1/2 HP Globe made in Macomb, IL about 1919. I have one of these. You are missing the carburator which has the govenor in it on the side I can see. The valves are worked by a chain from the crankshaft to the camshaft (can't see it in your picture), These engines also went by a couple of other names. I was told they they were no good when they were made and came back to the factory as fast as they made them. There was a article about them in GEM # 4 1973

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