Flywheel Serial Number Could not find in the Barn with a Flashlight

Trade Brand Nelson Jumbo

Tag K435 Mod J 12HP

Cooling, Water

Ignition, Webster

Gov. Hit and Miss

Fuel, Gas

Owner, George Brown, Saginaw, MI

Note: One day I'm driving home from work, and I see this fellow sitting in his driveway trying to start an International M. So I pull a U turn and go up to this guy and introduce myslef. About 2 1/2 or 3 hours latter that night I got home, stinking of Gas (we had a little problem with the fuel pump). That's how I meet George Brown. George has quite a collection of Engines and is quite knowledgeable, he's someone who I ask advice of when I need it. When I asked George what he knew about this engine (I'm sure it will be together sometime soon) He pointed across the feild from his house and said there used to be a little store there. Next to the store in the shed there was a fruit press run by this engine. In 1951 the store closed and the engine was sold, but George knew where it had gone to. The engine sat untouched from 1951 till several years ago when George had the oppertunity to "bring it back home".

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