Flywheel Serial Number 3086

Trade Brand Nelson Bros. Model T

Tag 3086/p>

Cooling, Water

Ignition, Webster

Gov. Hit and Miss

Fuel, Gas

Hank; Here is a pic of my 1 3/4 hp Little Jumbo T mdl Nelson Bros. I bought this last fall (2002) and it was a complete engine. The paint is what was on it when I got it. The engine was stuck, the ignitor was rusted together, both valves were rusted beyond repair,govenor was sloppy, and mag had little or no spark. I had new valves made for it and ground. bore was good after unsticking piston, so cleaning it up and installing new rings was done. Govenor slack was taken up with a couple machine washers. I had the worst time with the ignitor, getting the movable electrode out. It was rusted solid, but some mild tapping and Rust Bomb penitrant and it worked loose. New points and mica tube and washers and bead blasted and painted and it was working again. The webster cleaned up and I recharged it and away we went. It was missing the crankguard, but I was able to borrow one and had one cast for it and now it's back together and running. I also made the cart that it is sitting on while waiting for the engine work to get done. It will get repainted as soon as the weather warms a little more here in Mn. As far as running, it starts on the second turn of the flywheel each and every time so far. It is a quite runner as far as gear noise. It has a Hercules style aftermarket muffler on it and I am not sure what style should be on it. The right one will be installed when I find out what style it should be.

Owner, Paul Hokanson, MN e-mail

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