Here are some pictures of Margaret Maytag in the beauty shop:

Here Margaret has been stripped down to the essentials and is getting a vigorous scrubbing with solvent.

The paint goes on!

The shipment of needed parts from "Maytag Mark" Shulaw arrived on my porch one snowy afternoon while I was at work. I didn't worry, though, as it was securely guarded by our ferocious watchcats, Ally (on top of the box) and Cally. Sally was patrolling the perimeter and isn't in this picture, snapped by Jennifer.

Jennifer prepares to decorate Margaret. The illuminated "B" in the background is Jennifer's work, incidentally.

The artist begins her delicate work.

Constantly in demand, she negotiates important business as she works.

Margaret Maytag begins to take on her unique character, with little pink and yellow flowers, green vines, and tiny yellow and black flying bumblebees all over her.

Her work completed, the artist signs her masterpiece!

See Margaret as she was "before"

See Margaret ready to travel!

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