Here's a picture of the List members who gathered in front of "Maytag Mark" Shulaw's tent at the Arden, N.C. engine show on October 23, 1998 for a group picture. From the left are Gerald Johnson, me, Dallas Cox, Ken Christison, and Mark Shulaw in the rear. In front of me is Joseph, with his friend Justin. In front of all is "Dave," Joseph's Maytag 92. If you look really closely, you'll see that Dave's flywheel is spinning. You can see Justin's shoes clearly through the fan blades. If you look really closely, you can just make out a hint of white smoke coming from the lawnmower muffler I've juryrigged onto the exhaust. (Somewhat to Mark's annoyance.) It took two kicks to start Dave on this occasion, and "he" ran (on a Champion A-25 spark plug) for around 2 hours 20 minutes in front of Mark's display, until we had to load up and head home. Dave drew more spectator interest than many truly rare engines at the show. One man stopped to videotape "him" for about 5 minutes! Dallas wryly commented, "You'd think they'd never seen a Maytag running before."

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