Here are the three old Maytags I brought back from Alabama in November 1998, in as-found condition:

From left to right, they are: A Maytag 82, missing the base and carburetor, a 92 (Jennifer's), and a 92 mounted on a special cast iron base which once held some other equipment; a generator or a pump, perhaps?

Here you can almost read the nameplate on the unusual base of the engine in the foreground: "McGINNIS MFG CO., NEWTON, IOWA"

This one is not quite clear enough to read the legend on the extra-deep fuel tank of the odd engine: "McGINNIS PAT. PEND." In the background you can see Joseph's Maytag, "Dave," and my Harley.

Another closeup of the odd one. I would like to hear from anyone who knows what was mounted on this one. I traded it off to my good friend "Maytag Mark" Shulaw. He'd love to hear from you, too! E-mail him at <>.

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