Antique Stationary Engines


Hi! I'm John Culp. This is my engine page.

I'm interested in old stationary engines, and have several. I like to work on them, and I just like to watch and listen to 'em run! These are really fascinating old machines with a character of their own, and are an important and interesting piece of our heritage. I have a bunch of old engine enthusiast friends on the Stationary Engine Mailing List. It's a friendly, family-oriented hobby.

Here are some links to pictures of my engines, shows we've been to, and related stuff:

Dolly, my 1999 Indian-built, 1930-style Diesel

Lister Diesel Miscellany

The Story of Margaret Maytag

"Before" pictures of my 3 H.P. International Harvester Model "M"

"After" pictures of my 3 H.P. International Harvester Model "M"

Pictures of my Fairbanks-Morse ZC 52, my first engine

"Before" pictures of 3 old Maytags I brought back from Alabama

Pictures of 3 Maytags running

Pictures of Joseph, me, and "Dave" the Maytag 92 with Engine List friends at an engine show in Arden, North Carolina

Pictures from 1998 East Tennessee Crankup on Jeff Hutchings' farm

Ever wonder where those cute little Maytags really come from?


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