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  12hp Hercules EK

 7 1/2hp Galloway

 7hp Northwestern Dan Patch

  6hp United

  10hp Fairbanks-Morse

  7hp Wonder

  7hp Economy F

6hp Fairbanks-Morse

Fuller Johnson with Piston Pump

Outfit No. 633

4hp Witte

1hp Fairbanks-Morse Jack Jr.

1 1/2hp Fairbanks-Morse Headless

1 1/2hp Fairbanks-Morse

2 1/4hp Associated Hired Man

5hp Majestic

2hp Fairbanks-Morse "T"

4hp Domestic

6hp Witte

3hp Ever-Ready (Waterloo)

1 1/2hp Domestic Mud Pump

3hp Fairbanks-Morse Hit and Miss

5hp New Holland

1hp Fairbanks-Morse Jack Jr.

Delco Light Plant Model 1278

2 1/2hp Economy E

1 1/2 Root & Vandervoort


2hp Jaegar

1 1/2 International Harvester Overstrike M

1 1/2hp Hercules E

1 1/2hp Nelson Brothers

1 1/2hp Monarch

1 1/2hp Gray

1 1/2hp Spotless (Jacobsen)

2 1/4hp Associated Hired Hand Air Cooled

 1 1/2hp Flint & Walling (Woodpecker)

1hp Fairbanks-Morse Eclipse 1A

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2 cycle Detriot

No Picture

2hp Sparta Economy

No Picture

5hp Macleod

No Picture

2hp Witte

No Picture

5hp Desjardins