Central Mass. Steam, Gas & Machinery Association

Post Office Box 32 CMSGMA Orange, MA 01364
Description of Central Mass. Steam, Gas & Machinery Association, Inc.
The Central Mass. Steam, Gas and Machinery Association, Inc. (CMSGMA) is a nonprofit educational organization beginning its thirty-third year. With a membership throughout New England, it dedicates its energy to educating the general public about the machinery and methods used by our founders to develop this country. It does this by scheduling public events.

Mission:   CMSGMA builds on the skills and talents of its membership to provide energy and resources to accomplish its goals.
Goal 1:To promote and encourage the salvage, restoration and preservation of early engines, tractors, machinery and their related equipment.
Goal 2:To promote and encourage public awareness and interest in early engines and equipment both within and without this corporation.
Goal 3:To publicly display the aforementioned early engines and related equipment at various exhibitions for the education and entertainment of the public in general.

Preservers of Antique Engines & Machinery

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