The Fitchburg Airfest 1999

The Lockheed Constellation

The Lockheed "Constellation" wearing its C-121 military garb.

     Once again the CMSGMA participated in the Autumn Airfest at the Fitchburg Airport. It's a refreshing change of pace where we get to see some antique machinery that we would not see elsewhere. This picture is what you would see if you were actually DRIVING Howard Gorin's 1922 Buffalo Springfield Steamroller! The backhead of a Steamroller
57 Chevy
    There is always a great antique automobile show"
Back end of the B17      
     The World War II Bomber, "Memphis Belle", a B17, was back again. These are the tail guns.
Connie's tail
     The unmistakable triple tail rudders of the "Connie". What surprised me was that there are fewer Constellations still flying than there are B17's!
An Immelman turn?        
   The Airport puts on a terrific air show!!
Two Biplanes
    It's difficult to fly an airplane inverted in the first place! Imagine trying to stick THIS close to the guy below you!! These are the "Iron Eagles".
The cook        
    I always visit the Greek food booth and have some "Souvlaki", "Loukaniko" and "Spanakopitta".

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