The John Deere One-Cylinder Engine

Clark had to start up all those engines every morning Clark says:
    "I started seeing the old one-lunger engines at the Topsfield Fair, and they intrigued me for years. After collecting a few engines, I discovered that John Deere had made three sizes of old engines, or so I thought, and I HAD to own them! After meeting and talking to many people across the country, and through Gas Engine Magazine, I found out that John Deere actually made approximately fourteen different models. Here was a good challenge!
    I finally met a person in Indiana who has an extensive knowledge of the collection and has all but three key pieces. When I mentioned that I wanted to put a full collection together he laughed at me and said a sarcastic 'Good Luck'!! This person would later turn out to be one of my good friends.
    I have checked out all the serial numbers through the John Deere archives to insure that all of these engines are genuine. I want to thank my wife, my mom and dad, and all my friends who helped in putting this collection together. I really appreciate all their help. As far as I know, and my John Deere friend in Indiana agrees, this is the only AUTHENTIC, complete John Deere collection known to exist!

    This display is dedicated to my dad who passed away last year. I know he would be happy to see this achievement."

Half an engine
"My cut-in-half engine was just done by my buddy in Indiana, which he was glad to do for me, because how else do you get rid of "junk" parts?"

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