The John Deere One-Cylinder Engine

The entire line up of Clark and Heather L'Abbe's collection of John Deere engines
    This collection contains one example of every variation
of the three sizes of one cylinder engines
Root and VanDervoort tag The following begins a list of Clark's engines (from left to right)

  1... Root & VanDervoort.
        This engine was made, in 1918, for the John Deere Plow company BEFORE they even bought the Waterloo Boy Engine Company.

  2... Waterloo Boy.
        This engine was made in 1923, AFTER the purchase of the Waterloo Company. For a time, Waterloo Boys and John Deeres were made simultaneously.

  3... 6 hp Standard.
        This was the standard 6 hp "hit or miss" engine (1933) in original condition.

  4... 3 hp Standard.
        This was the standard 3 hp "hit or miss" engine (1930) in original condition.

  5... 1 1/2 hp Standard.
        This was the standard 1 1/2 hp "hit or miss" engine (1935) in original condition.

  6... 6 hp Kerosene.
        A 1935 Throttle governed 6 hp EK (kerosene) engine. This one had been exported to Africa!

  7... 3 hp Kerosene.
        A 1928 Throttle governed 3 hp EK (kerosene) engine

  8... 1 1/2 hp Triunfo Kerosene.
        The 1932 Throttle governed 1 1/2 hp EK (kerosene) engine with the "Triunfo" logo. This one came from Argentina

John Deere Engines
A continuation of the list of Clark's engines (from left to right)

  9... 6 hp with opposite primer cup.
        An error was made in the foundry, the primer cup is on the wrong side.

10... 3 hp Brass Tag.
        This is a 1924 "hit or miss"

11... 1 1/2 hp High base.
        This one is 1922. There are no letters on the flywheel, it has a 1" muffler, and a short mixer.

12... 3 hp Battery ignition.
        A 1924 "sparkplug" model.

13... 3 hp Southern EP.
        1935 "sparkplug"... EP means envirnomentally protected. didn't protect the environment.... I was protected FROM it! It is all enclosed, with a valve cover, aircleaner, and high muffler.

14... 3 hp Northern EP.
        1933 "sparkplug", Northern enclosed version.

15... 1 1/2 hp Brass tag with JD pump jack and Baker pump.
        A 1925 engine with a 1924 pump jack.

16... 3 hp Embossed ser #88 w/high base and Sumter mag.
        1922....Only seven of these engines are known to exist. Too many castings were scrapped due to the logo in the mold.

17... 3 hp Embossed ser #77.
        1922....This engine, and the one above have hooks for a crank in the flywheel.

18... 1 1/2 hp Battery ignition with Handifarm mixer
        A 1922 "sparkplug" engine (picture on previous page)

19... 1 1/2 hp hit or miss with Handifarm mixer
        The unrestored cement mixer (not shown) has a 1928 engine

John Deere Engines
John Deere Engines

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