The John Deere Model B Tractor

Our featured tractor this year was
Dan Grenier's 1939 Early Styled John Deere Model B
1939 Model B     Dan's tractor is pictured on our brass plaque this year. It has beautiful factory round-spoke wheels, and with its American flag it usually leads our tractor parade every year.
    The Model B was made from 1935 to 1952. The tractor was first "styled" in 1939. That is, a grill appeared in front of the radiator, and a hood blended in with the grill and completely covered the fuel tanks.
    Tractors without the grill are called "unstyled". Dan's tractor is referred to as the "early styled" type. The example below, with the plow, is the "late styled" type.
Model B's Model B
Gene brought a few of his Model B's to the show. Is there a Model H in the mix, too? One of the guys from the East Coast Tractor Club tried his hand at plowing with his Late Styled Model B
Dan's 1937 Model B Another Unstyled Model B
Dan also owns this 1937 unstyled Model B, which made its first appearance this year. One of our other exhibitors brought this example of an unstyled B

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