The Airshow

     I know, we are supposed to be talking about antique engines here, not airplanes. But think about it, the engines in these planes ARE antiques. The B17 flew during World War II. That makes it older than a lot of our tractors. Just as a point of curiosity I noticed that three of the engines were Wright Cyclone, and one was made by Studebaker! The C47 is the military version of the DC3, which was first built in 1936.
     The A10 is a newcomer, first built in the 70's. But although it is still on active duty, it is out of production and is considered by many to be obsolete. The T6's were used as trainers during WWII. Can you imagine doing aerobatics in something as old as my 1943 JD Model B?!! Oh, alright, the Iron Eagles are modern biplanes; but what a show they put on!!

The B17 from WWII was here again. Its nickname is the "Memphis Belle".
The hind end of an A10 Warthog. The C47 (with a halo?)
The T6 "Texans" The Iron Eagle aerobatic team

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