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Ford Tractors
The Ford 8n
    The tractor illustrated on our plaque for the 2008 show is this Ford, Model 8N, which was owned by the late Alden Piper.

The Ford 8n
    The Ford 8n was made from 1948 to 1952. Alden's 8n has some extra hardware on it to accommodate a front end loader.
The Ford 8n The Ford 8n
    We selected a good picture of Alden on his tractor and stripped away the background. "Two color" artwork was then created and the plaque for the 2008 show looks like this.

The Ford 8n
    This is a 1953 Ford "Jubilee". It commemorated the 50th anniversary of the Ford Motor Company.

    NOW, REMEMBER... Your tractor can be ANY Ford, ANY model, ANY year.... If it is a Ford, it is our featured tractor for the 2008 show!

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