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The Desjardins Engine
Desjardins Engine
    This is a working, one fourth scale model of a Desjardins Engine, owned by Diane Croteau of Winchester, New Hampshire. Diane has had this engine for about three years. She believes it to be the ONLY model of a Desjardins, of this size, in existence.
   The original Desjardins engines were made in Quebec and many of them were sent to the western United States to run water pumps during the dustbowl days. When the water crisis was over, they were supposed to be returned to Canada. Some of them were NOT returned. This makes the engine quite rare in the U.S.

Desjardins Engine
Desjardins Engine     Diane's engine is complete with a one fourth scale model of the the original cart that the engine came on. Above is a view of the other side of the engine, on the cart. At the right is an enlargement of the lettering on the hopper.

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