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Waterloo Boy Engine Raffle!!
Waterloo Boy Engine
    Hi, I'm Meli from Retiredtractors.com, and that's Ben up there with the engine that was raffled off by the Central Massachusetts Steam, Gas, and Machinery Association in 2005. Every year we hold a fund-raising raffle for the benefit of the Club. Stay tuned to see what the 2006 raffle will feature. Tickets will soon be available in advance by "mail order" just as they were in 2005.

Clark and W.G.      The winner of the Waterloo Boy engine was W. G. Wilson from Versailles, Kentucky. Here he is, with Clark L'Abbe (on your right). The engine had been taken to the Portland, Indiana Show by one of our club members and Mr. Wilson picked it up there.
     On Aug. 29, W.G. wrote us an email that said: "I picked up the waterloo boy wed. met Ben, Clark, Heather & a few other very nice people. Thanks."
    Well, you are very WELCOME, Mr. Wilson!!

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