The Farmall Model M

The featured tractor of our show for 2001
was the Farmall M.
The 2001 Plaque
Model M     A familiar sight at all of our CMSGMA shows is John Dupre's 1948 Farmall Model M. John has had this tractor for approximately the same length of time he has belonged to the Club - just about 18 years. The restoration of this tractor was started many years ago by an older gentleman. All of the mechanical work was done and the engine was rebuilt, but then at some point the tractor was vandalized. All of the small items (generator, magneto, hydraulic pump, etc.) were stolen, and the old gent gave up. John was contacted by Henry Anderson, an equipment broker in John's hometown of Lunenburg, MA. A deal was made with the old fellow; John became the new owner and completed the restoration.

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This picture of the Farmall M appears on the show plaque for 2001

    "Farmall" is the name given to International Harvester's line of rowcrop tractors introduced as the "Farmall Regular" in 1924. The more familiar F12's and F20's came along in 1932. As with other manufacturers, Farmall tractors were redesigned with grills and "styled" sheetmetal in 1939 with the introduction of the Models A, H, and M.
    This Farmall M has a narrow front end, a belt pulley, a rear P.T.O., the solid drawbar, and the original 6 volt electrical system. It weighs 6400 lbs without wheel weight. It wears 12 X 38 tires and is capable of 34 hp at the drawbar and 37 hp at the belt pulley. The "missing horsepower" is what it takes to actually MOVE the tractor's own weight on level ground.

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You never know for sure WHO will be driving John's tractor!!

    The REST of the tractor's horsepower is usually spent towing another familiar sight - John's 1000 gallon water wagon. John built the wagon himself from the chassis and rear end of a 1-1/2 ton Chevy truck. John had gone to a local watertank manufacturer, hoping to buy a used tank. He discovered that someone at the company had "squirreled away" a brand new tank, hoping to hide the fact that it wasn't made to the correct specifications and the customer wouldn't take it. It was offered to John for let's say "a bargain"!!
    When the tank is full, the entire water wagon weighs 11,500 lbs! There is an engine-driven pump mounted on the back of the wagon for the rapid filling of steam boilers and large engine hoppers. The water can also be pumped through sprinkler pipes for use in wetting down the show grounds for dust control.


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