International Tractors

These tractors, made by International Harvester,
are owned by members of CMSGMA
Model F-12     This is Alden Piper on his 1937 Farmall F-12. Alden lives in Leominster, Massachusetts and is a member of the board of directors of CMSGMA. The F-12 is what is known as an "unstyled" tractor.
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    This 1947 McCormick Deering S6 Orchard Model belongs to Kim Spaulding of Pepperell, Massachusetts. Orchard tractors had fixed front axles, and were generally built low to the ground for getting around close to trees. Some orchard models of other brands had rear fenders that completely enclosed the rear wheels to keep branches from getting caught.
Find out MORE about International tractors!!     This 1948 Farmall Cub is owned by Chet Grennell from Billerica, Massachusetts. The Cub was a small utility tractor especially designed for cultivating. Many Cubs that are equiped like Chet's are still in use as "lawn mowers"!

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