The "Headless" Witte Engine

The featured engines of our show in 2000
were the Witte engines.
2hp Witte
     This is a two horsepower headless. This engine now belongs to Dave Rotigel of Greenburg, PA. You can see some more of Dave's engines HERE. The picture was submitted by Les Bergquist of Granite Falls, MN.
8hp Witte
This is an eight horsepower headless that belongs to Tony Leonard in Rockwell, NC. You can see Tony's web site HERE.
    Most of the magneto fired headless Witte engines (like Tony's) that were produced between 1915 and 1919 came with the rare Webster high tension magneto. There are many engine collectors who don't know that Webster even made a high tension magneto. This design was very poor and most failed within the first year and were replaced by battery and coil ignition. The fact that Tony's engine has an original working magneto is somewhat incredible!

     Find out a little bit about the history of the Witte Company HERE!

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