The Allis Chalmers Tractors

The featured tractors of our show in 2000
were the Allis Chalmers tractors.
Model C, find out MORE!!
    The tractor featured on the "official CMSGMA 2000 plaque" is a 1949 Allis Chalmers Model C, owned by Don LeClair, one of the members of CMSGMA. It's a "tricycle" tractor, which was the most popular "row-crop" configuration of the Model C. The tractor was used on a "part-time farm" by its original owner from the time that it was new until it was "retired" in the early 1980's. It then sat outside rusting for quite a number of years until it was acquired by John Dupre, also a member of CMSGMA. John has several BIGGER tractors that he enjoys working on, so other than having a couple of tires replaced, the C was still in the same condition when John sold it to Don in 1997.

Model C, find out MORE!!
No, John, it's MINE now and you CAN'T have it back!

    Don said the tractor was completely rusted when he got it, but you wouldn't know it to look at it now, would you?? Don replaced the leaky gas tank, the entire wiring harness, and the rest of the tires. Then he removed the rust, straighened the sheet metal and gave it the beautiful Persian Orange paint job that it has today.
    Don didn't need to do any engine work to the tractor at all; and as far as he knows, the engine may have never been apart. He said that at first it smoked and burned oil, but that eventually "went away".
    Don't laugh!! There is a good explanation for that. When an engine sits idle for many years, even if you are lucky enough that the pistons don't get stuck in the cylinders, the rings can still get stuck in their grooves in the pistons. Then, what you have is essentially a piston with NO rings to seal it. The oil from the crankcase will go right by. Once you start running the engine again, the repeated heating and cooling and vibrating will eventually work the rings loose so that they can once again expand as they move in the cylinders. The engine "heals up" by itself!! Through repeated use, it runs better and BETTER!!

Model C, find out MORE!!

    Don doesn't farm with the tractor. He lives in town on a lot so small that there is hardly room to turn the tractor AROUND!! From now on, this Allis C will spend its time being proudly displayed at shows and being driven only in PARADES!!


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