AUG, 27 AND 28, 1999

Saturday the 28th started out damp and foggy, but by the
time we got a couple of hours from home, it faired off and
was beautiful out. We met our friends Tom and Millie Schmutz
at the show, and proceeded to make the rounds of the flea market.
After making sure we weren't missing the bargain of the century,
we headed for the show grounds. This is always a good show,
with a good balance of engines, tractors and steam.

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* *
Above left - This 3 HP Gilson is owned by Leo Korb. Center -
This rare Smith 'Great Western' engine operated a generator
which powered the lights for the village square in Keyesville, VA.
This engine is owned by R. T. Unterzerber of Richmond, VA. Right -
This 1 1/2 HP Mallalieu and Conrey engine, built by Stover, is
doing double duty runn8ing two washers at once. This display is
owned by James Clark of Unionville, PA.

* *
Above left - This 21/2 HP Leader and Center- this 1 1/2 HP
Sandwich were part of a nice trailer load whose owner was
unidentified. I have never seen a vertical Sandwich, and this
is probably a late model in their line judging by the magneto
and generally more modern lines. Right - This beautiful 12 1/2 HP
Bessemer is accented by numerous brass and glass drip oilers. It is
owned by Leonard Cash, Jr. of Staunton, VA.

* *
Above left - Here is another engine I had not seen before. It is
a 1 1/2 HP Buckeye owned by Wilbur Haver of Dillwyn, VA.
Center - This beautiful display of sickle bar grinders is owned
by Bob Schwab of Hagerstown, MD. Right - This New Holland
Rock crusher and 5 HP New Holland Engine are owned by the
Somerset Steam and Gas Engine Association.

* *
Above left - This 3 HP Massey Harris type 2 is owned by Randy
Hoffman of Culpepper,VA. Center - This1 1/2 HP Middleditch
engine is owned by John Wetsel. Right - This nice displey of
Briggs and Stratton engines is seen at quite a few shows in this
region. They all feature some custom work, and are nicely finished.
Owned by Jack Mahan of Morningside, MD

* *
Above - These two Faultless engines, a 2 HP on the left, and a 6 HP
on the right are owned by A. Duncan.

* *
Finally, a couple of nice heavier engines, a 16 HP Geiser
on the left, owner unknown, and a beautifully finished 8 HP
Bessemer owned by Bob John.


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