Silk Hope, NC
Sept. 4, - 5, 1999

Saturday the 4th turned out drizzly here at home, but by the time
we arrived at the show grounds we had left the rain behind. We
met our friends Dallas and Linda Cox on the grounds and proceeded
to the engine area. This show is held on grounds that are about half
wooded and half in the open. The tractors and food vendors are located
in the open area, and the engines and other vendors are in the trees.

(click on image for larger picture)
* *
Above left - this great scale model steamer was the first piece of iron we
saw upon entering the grounds. It is owned by Larry DuFour of Cary, NC.
Center - this is a 5 HP Fuller and Johnson sawrig owned by Charles Kelly of
Sanford, NC. Right - this 6 HP Bates and Edmunds 'Bulldog' is owned by
Danny Ward of Sanford, NC.

* *
Above left - this 7 HP Fuller and Johnson was shown by an unidentified owner.
Center - this is a air cooled 3/4 HP Nelson Bros engine, owned by John Ray Hodges of
Boone, NC. Right - this 1 HP IHC 'Famous' is owned by Ron Bradley of Mebane, NC.

* *
Above left - this 1 1/2 HP Nel;son Bros. 'Little Jumbo' is owned by Bill Ross of
Cary, NC. Center - here is a nice 3 HP IHC 'Famous' upright owned by Doc
Burgess of Archdale, NC. Right - this 2 1/2 HP Waterloo Boy is owned by Dick
Smith of Mocksville, NC.

* *
Above left - this great steam display was put together by Barrett Richards of Apex,
NC, and includes a boiler and homebuilt steam engine running a lineshaft which
ran a generator, a forge blower, a pump jack and a drill press. There are also two
model steam engines, a Stuart and a PM Research. Center - here is another angle
of an outfit I saw at Boone, which is a model Gray engine running a model of
a Meadows grist mill. This outfit really grinds corn, although it must first be
cracked to get into the burrs. This outfit was built and is owned by Garland Jobe
of Greensboro, NC. Right - this 4 HP IHC 'Titan' is owned by Chris Corbett of
Hamer, SC. This engine gained a fair amount of notoriety when it was stolen
a few weeks ago, and was recovered intact, though suffering some abuse at
the hands of the perpetrators. I had a good chat with Chris, and he appreciates
the support from his friends in cyberspace.