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Stationary Engine List Resource Page

Babbitt Tips

Pouring the main bearings on the 5HP Alamo by Curt Holland
The Magnolia Metal Bearing Book
Paul Gray's Tips on Babbitt
Ken Brown's Bearing Party
Tom Green's method of pouring babbitt for IHC "M".
Home production of whitemetal bearings by John Ambler
Ron West pouring bearings in Meadows grist mill

Serial Numbers-History

Serial Number Lists and Registries
Associated Serial Number List provided by Charlie Bryant
Novo history    (reprinted courtesy of Gas Engine Magazine)
Reid catalog, patent drawings, letter from Margaret Reid from Chuck Balyeat


Electrolytic Rust Removal by Bill Dickerson
Electrolytic Rust Removal by Chuck Balyeat
Reverse Electrolysis - Creating an Antique Patina from Rob Skinner
Electrolytic Rust Removal by Orrin Iseminger
Rust Removal by Electrolysis  by Elden Durand

Engine Cart Construction

"Building an Engine Cart" by Ron Haskell
Reg Ingold's tips on building cart wheels


Elden DuRand's page on ignition systems and electrolysis
Ignitor Identification List - Ted Brookover's Page
Bill Lopoulos' page with John Rex's article on building a heavy duty magnet charger.
Dave Rotigel's page on building a magnet charger
Build Your Own Low Tension Coil - Rob Skinner's Page
Make Your Own Inexpensive Buzzcoil by Chuck Balyeat
Convert Your Old Nonworking Wico EK by Chuck Balyeat
Make your own Eveready dry cell battery labels.  from Chuck Balyeat


Jerry Evans' novel Gib Key Puller
Dave and DJ Rotigel's Trailer Building Tips
Notes and Rules on Flat Belting - Rob Skinner's Page
Engine parts, supplies, literature ---Harry's Business card page.(Tell 'em Harry sent you)
Matt Keveney's engine animations
Patent Office Search Page
Making Silver Solder by Richard Allen
Curt Holland's 3 phase from single phase power.
Steve Barr's Auction Reports
Tom Schoolcraft's Engine Paint Colors
Engine Related Publications
Ken's Engine Picture Links Page
The "goat sacrifice" as told by Charles Bryant
Harry Matthew's pages on Abrasives, Generators, Line Shafting, Ignitions, etc.
Foundries recommended by list members.
Dave Reed's Riston Ring Tips
Measuring for braided packing for pumps and valves from Joe Kelley

Please let me know if you have any good tips or links to put up here. Ken Christison



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