Reidsville 2000
April 28th and 29th, 2000

The weather on Friday was rainy, but Saturday turned out to
be a beautiful day in North Carolina! As usual, the folks we met
were very hospitable. We really appreciate the local club's hard
work to make the show a success for visitors like us.

(click on image for larger view)

We had a great visit with our friends from Concord, VA, Tom and Millie
Schmutz. This was the premier show for Tom's 6 HP throttle governed
Famous. This engine has many original features that we don't normally
see on these engines. Above left, this view shows the seat, toolbox,
and cooling tank, all cleaned up and kept as found otherwise. Above right,
Tom is justly proud of this engine. He went through a lot of trouble and
expense to get this baby running like a top.

Robby Harris of Lynchburg, VA shared his new acquisition, a 12 inch
Meadows grist mill, powered by a 3 HP Fairbanks Morse. He was grinding
wheat with the help of his grandson, Clay. Robby is the gentleman in the.
white shirt in the photo and Clay is keeping an eye on the sifter.

Mr. J. B. Thompson was kind enough to explain the workings of this
Edwards engine. This is a two cylinder engine that can be run with
one cylinder or two, depending on the power needs. The control of
the fuel to the second cylinder is what makes the change. Sounds
like it is a little tricky to get both cylinders metered right to run
smoothly. J. B. is from Mebane, NC.

The above engine is a beautifully customized 6 HP "Ohio Motor Company"
engine owned by Don Crawford of Mebane, NC. This engine really draws
a crowd! This would look nice in anyone's den:-)

Connie and I thought this display was especially nice, so we had to let
our thin friend from Elbert, Colorado,'Flat Stanley' pose in front of
the mill shown at the upper left. This display was shown by Jerry,
Sandra, Ben, and Harley Fulp from Stokesdale, NC. The center
picture shows the water wheel, which gets its water supply from
a pump run by a small Briggs? The picture on the right shows part
of the interior and the great detail!

The two engines above are 'cousins' since both appear to have been
manufactured by Jacobson. The 'Ward' engine on the left is a 3 HP
sideshaft that was sold by Montgomery Wards under the Ward name
before it was renamed the 'Bullseye'. This engine is owned by Pete
Stauffer of Lerona, WV. The engine on the right is a 3 HP 'Maynard',
sold by the Charles Williams stores. It is owned by Bill Hash of Peterstown,
WV. Many of the castings appear to be interchangeable on these two
engines. I really appreciate the time taken by both Pete and Bill
to explain the history of these two fairly uncommon engines.

This nice 6 HP Fairbanks Morse portable engine is owned by Byron Motley
of Chatham, VA. The outfit is much nicer looking than the poor quality
photo shows. Maybe next time I see it I can get a better picture.

The above display is owned and shown by Mark Brown of Trinity, NC.
The display includes a 1 HP Wonder, a 1 1/2 HP Stover, the 6 HP
Associated which is the centerpiece, a David Bradley garden tractor,
and a Struck dozer. We enjoyed our short visit with Mark and friends.

Above is a trailer that is part of the display owned by Lindsey Tuttle,
of Stoneville, NC. He had corn shellers, grinders. seed cleaners,
you name it, on his display. I failed to get the model of the small
IHC engine at the back of the trailer, but it surely is pretty!

Finally, this is the Fairbanks Morse '32E-12', that runs a generator
that powers the sawmill. This is one of those engines that you can
'feel' through the ground as well as enjoy the constant 'thumping'
from the exhaust!

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