Reidsville, NC

We went to Reidsville on Saturday the 24th of April. The day started out cool and overcast, but the sun came out after noon, and the day turned out pleasantly warm. The Reidsville show is great because you can see everything in half a day or less, and still have time to drive some distance to and from. We were fortunate to meet up with some of our friends from the stationary engine list,which made the trip even more worth the 160 mile drive to attend. We want to thank the members of the Antique Engine Association of Reidsville for another great show!!!

click on image for larger picture

This is a shot of Tom Schmutz's trailer load of engines. The larger one is a 6 HP IHC 'Famous' hopper cooled, which is pretty rare around these parts. Most of these are tank cooled. Tom is back next to the flywheel of the Famous. Tom is from Concord, VA.

Here is a beautiful little Ellis 2 cycle engine which is owned by Ken Cvacho of Forest, VA. This is a pretty unique engine, with both oil, and fuel injection. Lots of brass!!

Here is a rare 2 HP Reeves engine, owned by Ellis Smith of Frankford, WV. He has done a fine job of restoration of this little jewel. He had the striping done by a local painter, whose handiwork is shown below.

The next two pictures are of a Maytag 'Multi Motor' Turbo Tag. (owners name witheld to keep the infamous Dave 'The Axe', Rotigel away) ;-)


This is an neat little tractor powered by an Economy engine of about 5 HP.

Here is a nice Woodpecker of about 10 HP. (sorry about the smoke)

************************ Here is a fancy Lambert sideshaft.

************************ A nice Galloway of about 6 HP.

************************An early 2 1/4 HP Galloway.

************************ Finally, the popular 'kiddie train', built by members of the Antique Engine Association of Reidsville.

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