** **
The three engines above are owned by Walter Weddington of Mooresville, NC. They
are all uncommon engines. The one on the left is a 1 HP Brownwall, the middle one is
a 1 HP IHC 'Mogul jr.', and the third is a 1 HP Union 'Giant'. Sorry about the shadow
in the Mogul. These are really nice engines to carry to shows, since they can be easily
loaded and unloaded from the back of a pickup, with a little help from a friend :-)

** **
Above left, is a nice 1 1/2 HP Ideal, owned by Bobby Stewart, next is a 2 - 2 1/2 HP
New Way, and next is a Fairbanks Morse sawrig of about 5 HP, owned by Doug Everhart
of Lexington, NC

Above left is a Monarch lawn mower owned by Craig W. Brannan, of Graham, NC, that looks
like it takes a pretty wide cut. Next is an Enterprise buhr mill, that is built along the lines of their
coffee grinders. This one is set up to be used the way it was found, with a base and wheels added
later to make it easy to transport. This mill is owned by Leo Wyrick of Sophia, NC.


On the left is a 1 1/2 HP Cushman'Cub', owned by Ben Fulp, and on the right is
the 'Putter', owned by Harvey Fulp.

Above left, is a shop built water ram, built by Mark Almond of Concord, NC. Mark
always comes up with unique projects that test the mind. The picture doesn't do it
justice, but maybe you will see it at a show near you before the year is over. Next is
a colorful trailer load of engines owned by Robert P Black of Graham, NC



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